‘F-word’ workshop heading to Cayman Islands

Blueprint Creative’s popular ‘F-word’ workshop will be heading to The Cayman Islands! The workshop, officially titled, “Why you should encourage ‘The F-word’ in the workplace: Principles for building a strong employer brand” will focus on how ‘The F-word’ (fun) can help companies build strong employer brands that attract their industry’s best and brightest individuals.

According to Ron Johnson, Managing Director of Blueprint Creative, the presentation won’t just be about having snack cupboards or foosball tables in the office. The session will explore the principles of employer branding and will benchmark global companies with exceptional employer brands.

The workshop will be part of the 2018 Annual Conference of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP), which will take place on May 9 – 11, and is expected to draw HR professionals and other business leaders from around the region. Even though the conference has been developed with the HR community in mind, other business professionals such as CEOs, members of Board of Directors, marketing professionals and customer experience professionals can benefit from attending the conference.

In addition to presenting the ‘F-word’ workshop, Johnson will also be participating in the conference’s “DisruptHR” segment, a quick-fire session designed to provide conference attendees with inspiring, exceptional ideas packed into a very short time frame. During the “DisruptHR” segment, 14 speakers will each be given 5 minutes to present on their selected topic, with slides automatically rotating every 15 seconds, forcing speakers to present impactful ideas and wrap up within five minutes.

You may be wondering why a brand specialist has been included in the speakers’ roster for a regional HR conference. According to Johnson, his company, Blueprint Creative strongly believes that HR and branding professionals can create powerful synergies for their organizations by working more closely together.

Commenting on the upcoming CISHRP conference, Johnson said: “I believe that great branding isn’t just about logos, fonts and color palettes. It’s also about solving real-life business challenges, like figuring out how to increase sales, how to improve internal communications, how best to inspire team members to live your organization’s purpose, vision and core values, and how to build a strong employer brand. Many of these challenges are faced by both branding and HR professionals.”

He observed that, across the globe, in many organizations, an increasing number of HR professionals are working closely with their branding counterparts to solve these, and several other, organizational challenges.

Blueprint Creative is considered to be one of Barbados’ best places to work. The company has won two Barbados’ Best Employers’ Awards for its HR practices and its exemplary company culture.