Can hard work and fun coexist in the same room? We certainly think so! We’ve worked on some pretty heavy projects and managed to have fun doing it. We take fun so seriously that we’ve baked it into our culture.

One of our core values is ‘Have fun with a smidgen of craziness’, and we take it very, very seriously. In between intense bouts of hard work, we have mini-birthday parties, tell terribly corny jokes, play pranks on each other and have impromptu DJ clashes on our laptops. While we work very, very hard on behalf of our clients, we understand that burnout isn’t good for anyone. It isn’t good for our team members, and it isn’t good for our clients who rely on us to maintain peak levels of imagination, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

But it isn’t all fun and games for ‘Blueprinters’. We place a heavy emphasis on personal and professional development. Another one of our core values is ‘Learn something new. Every. Single. Day’. That’s why we’ve developed a learning culture that inspires growth among our team members. We maintain an internal library of over 200 books on branding, strategy, leadership, design, communications, culture and customer experience. And all of our team members are expected to learn something new every single day by attending seminars and workshops, reading books and blog posts, participating in webinars, taking online courses and other learning activities.

We also look out for each other (another one of our core values). We’ve worked hard to build a strong team-oriented culture where our team members can trust each other to do their very best work.

Our approach to culture has paid off for our team and for our clients. We’ve won two Barbados’ Best Employers Awards for our company culture and HR practices. And our clients have found that they can depend on our team to do our very best work – even on challenging projects with tight deadlines.