CISHRP 2018 was awesome!

CISHRP 2018 was awesome! Thank you to everyone who attended our DisruptHR ‘Branding and HR Sitting in a Tree’ presentation and our ‘F-word’ (“Fun”) workshop. If you’re interested in having a follow-up conversation with Ron, our co-founder, visit our Contact Us page or reach out to Ron on LinkedIn.


Below are a few resources for our friends at Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals. We hope you enjoy!


  • Branding and HR Sitting in A Tree:

If you enjoyed Ron’s 5-minute Disrupt session, you’ll be happy to know that Ron is working on an expanded e-book version of the presentation which will help you to explore how you can achieve powerful synergies in your own organization by having your branding and HR teams work together. Contact us if you’d like to be notified when the e-book is available or if you’d like help integrating your HR and marketing teams.


  • Cayman Islands Employer Branding Survey

Blueprint Creative and Antilles Economics are partnering to conduct a series of research projects to uncover insights that Caribbean business leaders can use to build stronger brands and stronger businesses. The survey is designed to uncover the views of Caymanian employees on a range of brand-related topics, including organizational culture, training opportunities, internal communications, as well as ‘job hunting’ and ‘willingness to leave’ factors. By participating in the Cayman Islands leg of the survey, you will be helping business professionals in The Cayman Islands gain a better understanding of some of the critical business-related issues which impact our business community. The first part of the survey is designed for CEOs, HR managers and other professionals who are actively involved in their companies’ recruitment and hiring activities. The second half of the survey is designed for employees who wish to share their views on their employers. It would be awesome if you could encourage the organization you work for to take part in the study. Click here to participate in the survey.


  • ‘The F-word in the workplace’

Had a great time at the ‘F-word’ (“Fun”) workshop? Awesome! Let’s keep the conversation going! Check out these articles on the topic of company culture.


Five Reasons why you should encourage “The F-word” in the workplace.

Why we invest in fun at Blueprint Creative.

Why we ask: “Skittles or M&Ms” during job interviews.

Five Ways Your Company Culture Could Be Eating Away At Your Profits.


  • The Paper Airplane Project

We’re on a mission to spread fun across the world by encouraging others to make and share their awesome paper planes with others. Did you make a totally awesome paper airplane at the CISHRP conference? Share your images with the world on Instagram by using the hashtags #FwordPaperPlane #BlueprintCreative or email your pictures to PaperPlanes[at]


  • ‘Giant Dancing Chickens’

Does your company have any ‘Giant Dancing Chickens’ that you’d like to get rid of? Tell us about them.


If you have any other queries about Blueprint Creative, please feel free to reach out to us.