Branding and HR sitting in a tree!

The lines between branding and HR are blurring. Rapidly. While many conventional organizations still treat their marketing and HR departments as two separate entities, other, more progressive companies are tearing down the silos that sometimes separate these two important groups of business professionals. Ron Johnson is one of the Caribbean’s leading advocates for branding and HR professionals working closely together to help their companies build stronger brands and stronger businesses.  Check out Ron’s upcoming ‘Branding and HR sitting in a tree’ speaking events below.

Recent events

HRMAB Conference

(Barbados) Thursday, October 25, 2018

This session is perfect for HR professionals seeking to gain a better understanding of the global trend of HR and branding professionals working together towards achieving shared goals. This power-packed, fast-paced, 75-minute session includes a ‘crash course’ on branding as well as an overview of some of the ways that businesses can benefit from having their HR professionals work more closely with their marketing counterparts. This session also includes tips that HR professionals can use to start a conversation with the leadership of their organizations about the benefits of branding/HR collaborations.


CTO Tourism HR Conference

(Grand Cayman) Friday, November 30, 2018

This 3-hour interactive Master Class is designed for HR professionals, marketing teams, brand specialists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, business owners, and industry disruptors seeking to build stronger brands and stronger businesses. Learn how your branding and HR teams can work together to improve your organization’s company culture, internal communications, employer brand, customer experience, employee experience and storytelling capabilities. While this conference is designed specifically for professionals in the tourism and hospitality industries, the principles that will be discussed in this workshop can be used by professionals in virtually any industry.


More about ‘Branding and HR sitting in a tree’ workshops

“HR professionals are actually branding professionals in disguise!” That’s the viewpoint held by Ron Johnson, co-founder and Managing Director of Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading strategic branding agencies. Ron and his team of brand specialists are strong advocates of HR professionals having a seat at the proverbial branding table and being heavily involved in companies’ branding programs. That’s because branding starts on the inside of an organization – not the outside. Every single individual employed by your organization has an impact on the way that your employees and clients (and the general public for that matter) think and feel about your brand. The reality is that customers will never respect a company’s brand unless employees first respect that organization. This is where companies’ HR teams can play a role in branding. By purposefully crafting an inspiring employee experience, HR teams can play a crucial role in branding by helping employees to fall in love with their organizations and to be exceptional brand ambassadors.

Ron’s ‘Branding and HR sitting in a tree’ sessions and workshops are designed to explore the role of HR professionals in branding, specifically how HR professionals can work with their marketing counterparts to help improve their organization’s company culture, internal communications, employer brand, customer experience, employee experience and storytelling capabilities. Click here to book Ron for your next conference.