Brand Strategy

A pilot’s flight plan includes critical information such as the vessel’s departure and arrival points, estimated time for the journey, contingency plans in case of bad weather, cruising altitude as well as information about the aircraft and the number of passengers on board.

An organization’s ‘brand flight plan’ documents critical information such as the company’s desired brand position, identification of its ‘ideal clients’, in what sectors of the market the company intends to compete in, key messages to its audiences and the responsibilities of team members who will be involved in building the brand.

A company operating without a brand strategy is just as dangerous to the organization’s survival as a pilot flying without a flight plan. We work with clients to develop customized brand flight plans that detail the business’ brand goals, roles of team members in achieving those goals, key communication messages, preferred branding initiatives and other brand-related details needed to build a strong brand.

Our brand strategy services include:

  • Brand research & planning
  • Brand strategy workshops
  • Articulation of ‘brand anchors’ (purpose, vision & core values)
  • Brand audits
  • Brand roadmaps
  • ‘Glocalization’ strategies
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand differentiation
  • Ongoing brand consultations