Blueprint Creative wins third Barbados’ Best Employer Award

Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading strategic branding agencies, has won a third Barbados’ Best Employers (BBE) award, making it the most awarded company in the history of the BBE programme.
Over the past decade, the BBE programme has developed a well-deserved reputation for being the premier HR-related awards programme in Barbados, and for highlighting Barbadian companies that have exceptional company cultures, working environments and highly engaged team members. The BBE award programme takes place bi-annually. Blueprint Creative claimed the top spot in the recently held 2018 awards as well as in the 2012 and 2016 iterations of the awards programme.

Commenting on the company’s recent win, Ron Johnson, Blueprint Creative’s co-founder and Managing Director stated that even though the award’s title focussed on employers, for the agency, the award was really about its team members. He said that the company had worked hard over the last ten years to develop a company culture where hard work and fun could co-exist, and where team members could continually develop their skillsets and be the ‘best possible versions of their professional selves’. He said that while the agency’s team members were ecstatic about winning the award, the real value in participating in BBE was receiving the post-award consultation with the organizers of the BBE programme and gaining access to ‘valuable data’ that could help the agency further improve its culture.

Companies that participate in the BBE programme must take part in a rigorous, multi-phased review process that involves a thorough investigation of the participating company’s internal HR policies and culture, followed by an online anonymous survey where employees are asked to respond to a series of questions about the company’s culture and HR practices. In the third and final phase, each company is reviewed by an independent review panel on a variety of factors which include ‘Employee Communications’, ‘Work Environment’, ‘Development & Career Opportunities’ and other key considerations.

Renee Newsam, Blueprint Creative’s Agency Account Director said that one of the reasons that the agency has been so successful in the programme is that it has a designated team member who is responsible for the company’s overall team member experience. “At Blueprint Creative, we are very committed to delivering exceptional customer experience but, at the same time, we understand that a company’s customer experience will never exceed its team member experience. That’s why we focus so heavily on developing a highly engaged working experience where team members enjoy the work they are doing and where they respect and trust each other.”

Kay Trotman, Blueprint Creative’s Business Development Manager is responsible for the company’s HR portfolio and for spearheading its employee experience initiatives. “Our employee experience programme isn’t just about having fun in the office,” she said. “It’s about developing and maintaining a highly engaged culture. Our purpose as a company is to inspire growth, and we apply our purpose not only to our clients, but to our team members as well.”

Blueprint Creative has several initiatives designed to help its team members grow. The company gives its team members free access to online learning platforms and to its library of over 250 books on topics ranging from leadership, strategy, employee brand engagement, branding, design, communications, customer experience and personal development. The agency also holds frequent team meetings where team members share their learning experiences with their teammates so everyone in the company can learn from each others’ wins and failures.
Blueprint Creative recently celebrated ten years in the branding industry. The company specialises in brand strategy, employee brand engagement, communications, design and customer experience.