Blueprint Creative gets a brand new look!

Blueprint Creative, your friendly neighborhood branding agency, has just completed a redesign of our visual brand. You might say that we’ve gotten a brand-new look! (Get it? Brand new?)

Ten years ago, we started out as a design firm focusing on all things visual. Since then, lots of things have changed. The most significant of these changes are that:

  • Our purpose has changed

Over the years, we have evolved from a design firm into a strategic branding agency. With this evolution, our purpose has changed. We’ve recognized that, as a company, our purpose is to inspire growth among our clients, team members and the wider public. While we still value the tremendous importance of design, our mandate now is much, much more broad.

  • Our services have changed

When we first opened our doors, 100% of our focus was on helping our clients to deliver visually impactful marketing materials that could entice their customers. While of course, we still do work which involves a high level of design, we now offer a wider range of services that revolve around our ‘impact points’ of brand strategy, employee brand engagement, communications, design and customer experience.

  • The types of challenges we solve have changed

As our services have changed, so too have the types of challenges we help our clients to solve. We work with our clients to help solve a wide range of challenges, including: how to articulate their brand strategies, how to align their brand strategies with their business strategies; how to build strong employer brands that entice their industries’ ‘best and brightest’ workers; how to inspire their team members to live their companies’ vision, purpose and core values; and how to differentiate their companies from their competitors.

  • Our interactions with clients have changed

Previously, as a design firm, we interacted primarily with members of our clients’ teams responsible for their visual branding. Now, as a strategic branding agency, we interact with our clients’ marketing departments, HR professionals, customer experience teams, CEOs and Boards of Directors.

As we contemplated these changes, we realised that we had outgrown our visual brand, which portrayed us as a trendy design firm, but didn’t do a good job of saying to the market that we were both strategic and creative in nature. So, we rolled up our sleeves, went to work overhauling our ‘look and feel’, and developed a visual brand that reinforces our current position in the market. We’ve changed up everything about our visual brand. Our website, letterheads, newsletters, business cards, and our email signatures have all been given an upgrade. Over time, as we continue to support the needs of your business, you will see more of our new visual brand in action.

Even though we’ve changed up our visual brand, some things remain the same. We’ve still got your back, and always will. You can still count on our team of brand strategists, designers, problem solvers, idea generators, entrepreneurs, musicians and copywriters to help you build a stronger brand and a stronger business.

For more information on Blueprint Creative, please contact us.