Blueprint Creative developed “The Bhranding Equation” (Branding + HR = “Bhranding”) to help companies break down the silos between their branding and HR teams and replace those silos with powerful organizational synergies.

Modern companies understand that brands are built from the inside – not the outside! And, if brands are built from the inside, your HR department should be considered to be a part of your branding team. The best way for your organization to build a strong, customer-facing brand is to have your marketing and HR teams work closely together to first develop a highly engaged internal culture as part of your organization’s

Our “Bhranding” services include:

  • Articulation and documentation of “Brand DNA” (vision, purpose and core values)
  • Team member onboarding (and re-onboarding) programs
  • Employee experience management (XM) programs
  • Brand training and re-training programs
  • Brand engagement workshops
  • Enhancement of internal communications programs
  • Development of team member feedback channels
  • Core values reinforcement programs
  • Employer branding programs
  • Cultural change management