Hey there! Interested in joining our team but want to find out more about what makes us tick? Here’s a quick snapshot of our culture:

Who we are

We are a team of brand strategists, designers, problem solvers, idea generators, entrepreneurs, musicians, and copywriters dedicated to helping our clients build their brands and grow their business in the Caribbean. Our team members include design, branding and business professionals who have studied, trained and gained experience in the business environments of Barbados, The Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, the UK and the USA.

We’ve won awards

We’ve won several ADDY Awards for our design work, including a prestigious “Best in Print” Award. We have also been presented with two Barbados Best Employers Awards, a biennial award which recognises organisations with exemplary cultures, working environments and HR practices.

Our approach to branding

We take a holistic approach to branding. Sure, we love working on exciting advertising campaigns, but we also recognize that advertising alone can’t possibly address all of an organisation’s branding needs. That’s why we focus on the five “impact points” of brand strategy, communications, design, employee brand engagement and customer experience. Our work culture revolves around these impact points.

We work hard

Working in the branding industry can be pretty amazing. Branding professionals have the opportunity to work on several exciting projects in a wide range of industries. It’s fun, but it’s also hard work. Blueprinters work on several exciting but demanding projects that have tight deadlines and require long hours of hard work and intense concentration.

We play hard

We believe that fun and hard work can co-exist in the same room. We take fun so seriously that we’ve baked it into our culture. One of our core values is “Have fun with a smidgen of craziness”, and we take it very, very seriously. In between intense bouts of hard work, we tell terribly corny jokes, play pranks on each other and have impromptu DJ clashes on our laptops. While we expect our team members to work hard, we understand that burnout isn’t good for anyone. It isn’t good for our team members, and it isn’t good for our clients who rely on us to maintain peak levels of imagination, creativity and problem-solving abilities. That’s why we balance the hard work of our industry with fun activities like mini- birthday parties, out-of-office excursions, silly games and team-building exercises.

3d illustration of White bookshelves with various colorful books

We have a learning culture

Another one of our core values is “Learn something new. Every. Single. Day”. We expect all of our team members to be self-motivated individuals who are passionate about improving their skillsets every single day. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry — we’ve made it very easy for our team members to access information that can help improve their skills. Our Blueprint library has over 200 books on a range of topics, including branding, design, communications, business strategy, leadership, company culture and customer experience. We also provide access to online learning platforms.


We are a close-knit family

We look out for one another and work as a team.


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