Blueprint Creative co-authoring study on Employer Branding in Barbados

Blueprint Creative has partnered with Antilles Economics to co-author a two-part study about Employer Branding in Barbados.

The first part of the study is an employee survey which is designed to collect unbiased, independent information about how employees feel about their jobs and the organisations they work for. The survey is 100% anonymous. We do not require your name nor the name of your employer. If you are an employee and you work in Barbados, please click here to complete the employee survey.

The second part of the survey is an employer survey designed to collect information about how companies feel about current and future business conditions as well as collate their views on topical business issues. If you are a CEO, or a member of your company’s senior management team, and you wish to take the survey, one of our team members will be happy to meet with a representative of your management team to conduct the employer survey face-to-face or, alternatively, to conduct the survey via telephone or Skype. If you prefer to participate in the employer survey anonymously, you also have the option to take the employer survey online.

If you have any queries about the survey, or if you are an employer and you’d like your organization to participate in the survey, please email