5 simple ways to improve your company’s internal communications

If you’re going to run a highly engaged, high-performance organisation, it is important that your entire team is on the same page about your vision, your corporate objectives and your strategy for achieving your goals. And that means having exceptional two-way communication throughout the entire organisation. If you want to get the best out of your various communications initiatives, you’ll need to build a nurturing, trusting environment where your team members feel comfortable providing honest feedback and where they know that their suggestions will be taken seriously.

Here are a few simple initiatives you can implement to help improve your company’s internal communications.

  1. Scheduled team meetings

Scheduled team meetings can be a great way to boost internal communication. At Blueprint Creative, we hold weekly meetings with our full team every Monday morning. We call these meetings our Monday Morning Meetings (or MMMs) for obvious reasons. We’ve found that our MMMs are great for keeping our team members focused on the main priorities for the week ahead and for providing them with important updates on our various organisational goals. The MMMs are also great for a second reason – they can be a great way to banish any ‘Monday Morning Blues’ and energise our team for the week ahead.  We also hold weekly departmental meetings every Friday morning where team members are encouraged to highlight any department-specific concerns they may have. They are also encouraged to highlight any accomplishments they’ve made during the previous week. Both of these meetings are highly productive sessions where feedback and two-way communication are highly valued. These meetings keep us focused on solving problems and achieving company goals. If you’re looking for an easy-to-implement, inexpensive way to improve internal communications, holding scheduled team meetings is a great place to start. Admittedly, weekly team meetings may work best for small to medium-sized companies where it is easy to bring all team members together in one location. If your team is too large to hold weekly ‘all-staff’ meetings, you can consider having monthly (or quarterly) ‘town hall’ meetings.

Blueprint Creative - Internal Communication is very important for developing a strong culture

  1. Unscheduled “huddles”

Not all team meetings need to be scheduled. You can also hold ad hoc team huddles to discuss any pressing matter that can’t wait until your next scheduled meeting. Depending on what you need to discuss with your team, huddles can be “all staff” or they can be department-specific.

  1. Company newsletters

If it’s difficult to get all of your team members in one location for weekly meetings or huddles, consider developing an internal newsletter that keeps your team up-to-date about the company’s various initiatives. Some companies prefer a hardcopy newsletter, but if you want to be as agile as possible, an e-newsletter might be your best shot. You can use your shiny new internal newsletter to update your team about upcoming branding initiatives, highlight any customer service ‘victories’ that may have recently occurred and provide your team with important tips and reminders.Blueprint Creative - Technology Applications can help internal communications

  1. Technology Applications

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using apps and other technology solutions to improve their internal communications.  Some solutions are tailored for small businesses and start-ups, while others are a bit pricier and more suited to the needs of enterprise-level organisations. Many businesses seeking an inexpensive technological solution simply create company groups in WhatsApp (or other messaging platforms) and use those groups to keep their employees updated. This might also be a good option for your company. But if you’re looking for a solution with more features, there are many great paid tech platforms out there that can help you improve your internal communications. With a little research, you’re sure to find a technology solution that can work for your company.

  1. Walkabouts’

While structured meetings, company newsletters and technological applications can greatly improve your internal communications, you should also make it a habit to get out of your office and touch base with your team members in their respective working environments. In his book, Like a Virgin, Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson encourages business leaders to do ‘walkabouts’ around the office and to ‘make face-to-face employee contact part of everyday life in your office’. Branson also encourages managers to listen to their employees’ thoughts on the challenges that the business is facing and then follow up on employees’ suggestions. Sounds like great advice.

Of course, there are many, many other ways you can improve two-way communication at your workplace, but we find that these five are among the simplest ways to get started. Happy communicating, everyone!

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